Watering Guidelines

Successful Watering Techniques are accomplished by watering deeply and infrequently to help promote a healthy root system.  Plants need oxygen to the root zone as well as water, especially in heavier soils (i.e. Clay)  It takes 2-3 years to establish most plants.


First Week:  Once a day

*Every other day if planted in heavy clay soil.

Spring: March-June – 3 times a week
*2 times a week if in heavy clay soil
Summer: June-September – 4 times a week
*3 times a week if in heavy clay soil
Fall: September-December – 3 times a week
When temperatures are above 40 degrees and no snow on the ground.
*2 times a week if in heavy clay soil
Winter: December – March – 2 times a month
When temperatures are above 45 degrees and no snow on the ground.
*Water in AM only!
General Rules
Deciduous Trees:  Apply 10 gallons of water for each inch in diameter of the tree’s trunk.
Evergreen Trees:  Apply 5 gallons of water for every 3 feet of tree’s height
For plants purchased in container, that will be planted in the ground:
#1 Container = 2 gallons of water
#2 Container = 4 gallons of water
#3 Container = 6 gallons of water
#5 Container = 10 gallons of water etc.
Drip Systems:  When using a Drip System, know what the emitter drip rate is per hour and set your emitter clock accordingly.  Most emitters come 1 through 5 gallons options.  Remember to check your specific product’s label.
New Trees:  Use Agriform tablets when planting, can fertilize again the first 12 months
Established Trees:  Can be fertilized during the months of April – August for best results. Follow product levels to avoid chemical burning on plants.